Tikhvin 2004. Playing with the Mariinsky orchestra at one of their 'open air' settings.

Stockholm, Sweden. November 2004. Concert Hall, 35th anniversary of the Sodra Bergens Balalaikor Orchestra

The same place. Playing solo.

Standing in the middle of the stage - feels like I'm a Nobel prize winner!

Sweden 2004. Institute of Tobo. I'm now having a go on the nyckelharpa!

St. Petersburg Conservatoire. December 2004. My former ensemble.

Kiroff. November 2004. Solo with orchestra.

London 2004. Tower Bridge.

Cambridge, July 2004. Behind me a piece of the Kings College Chapel

Cambridge 2004. Me and Nick Collon (piano) have just finished playing!

Latvia 2004. Latvian Musical Academy.

The same place. The farewell party.

Aberdeen, Scotland 2003. Art Gallery.

The same place. Corrina Hewat (clarsach) and me.

Scotland again. Having a go on the Scottish harp clarsach!

Brusells, Belgium 2002. The city museum of musical instruments.

Belgium 2002. Me being interviewed by Peter.

Belgium, summer 2002. My Bulgarian friend Zhenya and me before the performance.

Sweden 2002. Entertaining!

Sweden 2002. Listening to a Japanese playing some odd instrument!

Haapavesi, Finland. Winter 2002. Haapaveden churh.

Haapavesi, Finland. Summer 2002. Jamming with Brendan Power and Alladin.

Tavricheski palace. St. Petersburg 2002.

St Peter Cathedral. St. Petersburg 2001.

Vesanto, Finland 2001

Market square of Vesanto, Finland. Summer 2001.

Russian National Osipov orchestra. 2001.

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