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The repertoire that I play is really huge, it consists of music in different genres like Baroque and Classical which go along with great amount of Folk and Contemporary. That's why I thought it would be reasonable to divide it here by the same principle so that the one could better see what I do and how I do it.

    1. Baroque, Classical, Impressionism

     L.V. Beethoven. 12 variations on a Russian theme for piano solo. Arr. O.Shishkina

     D'Andrie. Suite in D dur for piano. Arr. O.Shishkina

       K. Debussy. Pagodes from "Estampes". Arr. O.Shishkina             

       G.Ph. Handel. Sonata in D maj.
                           Sonata No6 for violin and piano, E maj. Arr. O.Shishkina

      I. Khandoshkin. Variations on Russian theme "Ah, on the bridge, on the bridge". Arr. O.Shishkina           
                              Variations on Russian theme "Ah, what a brave boy I am!". Arr. O.Shishkina  

        A. Korelli. Prelude and Allegro.   

       A. Lyadoff. Musical box.

       B.Paskuini. Scherzo "The Cuckoo". Arr. O.Shishkina

       N. Rimsky-Korsakoff. Scomorochi dance from the "Snow Maiden" 

       I. Savio. The clock.

       Teleman. Sonata No4 in C dur for violin and basso continuo. Arr. O.Shishkina

        P. Thchaikovski. Naples dance from the "Swan lake".


      2. Modern Russian music

         V. Bibergan. Concerto for Gusli and orchestra

         V. Eremin. Concerto No3 for Gusli and orchestra

         B. Kravchenko. Scherzo.

         A. Larin. Legend.

         A. Lemuan. Etude. Arr. O.Shishkina
         S. Oskolkoff. Suite for Gusli and Piano.

         V. Panin. Scherzo.

         K. Shachanoff. Concerto No1 for Gusli and orchestra

         Zakharieff. Concerto for Gusli and orchestra.


        3. Folk music

          V. Gorodovskaya. The tale.
                                     Fantasy on 2 Russian themes.
                                     Russian concerto for Gusli and orchestra.
                                     Volga fantasy

          E. Derbenko. Yaroslavl concerto.      

          B. Kravchenko. Evening ring. 

          V. Lipatoff.  Russian fantasy. 

          V. Malyaroff. Fantasy on the theme of the romance "In the moon light".
                             Concert piece on a Russian theme

           V. Panin. A song with a dance.

           K. Shakhanoff. Fantasy on 3 Russian themes.

           A. Shaloff (arr.). Romance "A dark-red shawl".
                                    "Guelder-rose on the hill". 

           A. Shirokoff. Variations on a Russian theme.

           V. Tichoff (arr.). Uralish dance.

           A. Tikhonoff (arr.) "Black Mountain" American folk music     


      4. Ensemble music

            I. Khandoshkin. Variations on Russian theme "Ah, on the bridge, on the bridge". Arr. for gusli and violin by
               O. Shishkina     

            V. Karatygin (arr.) Farewell, my happiness. Russian trad. Arr. for gusli and voice by O. Shishkina.

            A. Kiskachi. Little suite for flute and gusli

            N. Rimski-Korsakov. On the hills of Georgia. Arr. for gusli and voice by O. Shishkina.